What is the Gateway Network?

The Gateway Network consists of three main players, each with their unique motivations. Between them, four essential interactions take place within the protocol.


Issuers play a pivotal role in the protocol as the chief data contributors of user data. By distributing Private Data Assets (PDAs), they strive to bolster seamless interactions across their partner network and fortify the agency of their user base. To learn more, click here.


Owners are individual entities bearing PDAs as they traverse the internet. As stewards of their personal data, they maintain the discretion to share and grant access to verifiers on the network. To learn more, continue here.


Verifiers tap into the data supplied by Issuers to authenticate user details, enhance user experiences, customize offers, and beyond. Within the network, they have a treasure trove of data ready for creative utilization. Through the Gateway Protocol, access to this data hinges on the user's approval, reinforcing a foundation of trust. To learn more, continue here.

Core Interactions

The diagram below illustrates the key interactions among the network participants within the protocol.

Key Interactions Include:

  1. Issuers distribute or update PDAs for Owners.
  2. Verifiers request PDA details from Owners.
  3. Owners relay Proofs, which are snapshots of PDA data, to Verifiers.
  4. Verifiers compensate Issuers relative to the data leveraged.

What’s Next

You'll find a detailed exploration of these fundamental interactions in the subsequent sections of this documentation.