What is the Gateway Protocol?

It is how the data is managed and facilitated between the various stakeholders in the network.

1. Data Models

Consider these as the foundational architecture of Private Data Assets (PDAs). All PDAs built on the same data model come equipped with a uniform set of consumable claims.

Explore these in detail on the Gateway Explore

2. PDAs (Private Data Assets)

These are the cornerstone assets of the protocol. While owners maintain the autonomy to grant or deny permission for their PDAs, the issuing entities update the informational content.

3. Data Requests

Initiated by verifiers, these requests are sent directly to asset owners to solicit specific PDAs. The process is designed for efficient data retrieval and validation.

4. Data Request Templates:

These templates streamline the generation of data requests, offering a standardized approach for verifiers to communicate their data requirements to PDA owners.

5. Data Proofs

These are static snapshots of PDA data, made available to verifiers for review and utilization.

Each data proof comprises at least one PDA but can contain multiple PDAs depending on the verifier's requirements.

PDA owners manage the generation of these proofs for verifiers to consume subsequently.