Quickest way to start with Gateway Protocol is to use our SDK.


  • Node.js v18
  • A package manager like npm, yarn, or pnpm
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript

Let’s start a new project and install the SDK.

Make a new project

Create a new directory for your project and navigate into it.

mkdir my-gateway-project
cd my-gateway-project
npm init -y

Install the SDK

Install the SDK using your favorite package manager.

npm install @gateway-dao/sdk

Add "type": "module" to your package.json file. This is required to use ES6 modules in Node.js.

Get your API key

You will need an API key to use the SDK. You can get it from the Gateway Protocol dashboard.

For the testnet version you would have to create an Organization, whcih can be done from the dashboard. Just click on your profile on the bottom left corner and click on Create Organization.

Once you have created an organization, your Developer Access section will be unlocked.

If you are just playing around with the SDK, you can use the Sandbox version which doesn’t need creating an organization.

Once you are logged in to the dashboard, navigate to the Developer Access section and you can find your API key there.

Create a new file

Create a new file called index.js and add the following code to it.

import {
} from "@gateway-dao/sdk";

const gateway = new Gateway({
  apiKey: "your-api-key", // Replace with your actual API key from the dashboard
  token: "your-token", // Replace with your Access token from the dashboard
  url: "https://protocol.mygateway.xyz/graphql", // Pointing to testnet

async function main() {
  try {
    let obj = {
      dataModelId: "7f1e400e-b761-4e35-913d-09e500f36e79",
      description: "TESTING MODEL",
      title: "TESTING MODEL",
      claim: {
        model_id: "123",
      owner: {
        type: UserIdentifierType.GATEWAY_ID,
        value: "YOUR_GATEWAY_ID",
      organization: {
        type: OrganizationIdentifierType.GATEWAY_ID,
        value: "YOUR_ORG_ID",
    const { createPDA } = await gateway.pda.createPDA(obj);
  } catch (error) {
    console.log(error); // Can log it for debugging


Replace your-api-key and your-token with your actual API key and token.

Run the code

Run the code using your favorite JavaScript runtime.

node index.js

You should see the output of the createPDA mutation in the console.

That’s it! You have successfully created a new PDA using the Gateway Protocol SDK.